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  • Restore Your Smile
    Restore Your Smile
  • Stunning Results
    Stunning Results
  • Chose Your NEW Smile!
    Chose Your NEW Smile!
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    Implants Replace Missing Teeth
Restore Your Smile
Restore Your Smile

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A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Dentist

A new smile can change your life.  I have helped many individuals with chipped, worn, and broken teeth; crooked, deformed, decayed, or discolored teeth; and TMJ pain.  The most common cause of tooth loss in adults is something called Occlusal Disease.  Bruxism and clenching are other common words that relate to it.  Clenching and grinding your teeth can cause sensitivity and damage to anything from your teeth to your muscles and ligaments. 

Dentists fail to diagnose Occlusal Disease more than anything else.  Also, most people don't realize that their teeth are unhealthy unless there is pain.  Dr. Straw can recognize the early signs and symptoms of Occlusal Disease and therefore prevent severe damage. A moderate to severe case often requires full-mouth reconstruction, but even when fewer teeth require fixing you may want to fix more for smile enhancement.

Patients often think they can fix their teeth one at a time to make it more affordable.  My own experience has found this to be untrue most of the time.  Not only is the aesthetic outcome compromised--shade matching, alignment, tooth lengths--but it actually ends up costing much more in time and dollars.

It's definitely an emotional experience to get a smile makeover.  Have you ever seen a photo of yourself with a digitally enhanced, new, bright smile?  A new smile can change your life: enhancing your health, your relationships, your self-esteem, your career, and last throughout retirement.  If you notice that your smile isn't what it used to be, or you've always been ashamed to smile, then we can help!

The art of creating a smile involves using the ratio of beauty found in nature, the golden ratio of 1.618.  Laboratory technicians who make the crowns and ultra-thin veneers deserve a fair amount of credit for the beautiful, natural-looking smiles they create.  However, it's the dentist who must envision, plan, and prepare the teeth appropriately.

A new aesthetic smile does not imply improved function or chewing.  It's important to remember that the teeth need to be custom designed to fit your bite, lips, and the way you chew.  Some cosmetic dentistry may look absolutely perfect, but if it wasn't designed properly, you could have continual pain or breakage. On the other hand, improved looks is a natural result of improved function.  That's why our goal is always function to ensure longevity and comfort.

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